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Dez Childs Show - Episode 24

Welcome to Praise His Name

"Under the Radar"
Episode 276 - 2014 Easter Special

- Segment 1 -
“Hallelujah Is Our Song” - Sarah Hart

“Death of Death” - Charlie Hall Band
“Christ The Lord Is Risen Today” - Page CXVI

“Christ Is Risen” - The Brilliance
“Man of Sorrows” - Jill Phillips
“Good Friday” - Josh Garrels

"Real Life" with Kevin West (2 min.)
"Crash the Chatterbox" Vignette 7 - (1 min.)
Rev. Roger Holmberg - (1 min.)

- Segment 2 -
“You Are Alive” - Young Oceans
“Wake Up” - Caroline Cobb
“My Redeemer Lives” - Mark Heard
(w/ Pam Miner)
“For You” - Rebekah Maddux El-Hakam
“Christ Is Risen” - Shane & Shane

Gaither Homecoming Radio
Episode 499

New on Praise His Name...

The Jude Music Singers
"He Wraps His Arms Round Me"

The Sons of God
"Better Place"

Kist by Grace
"Just Three Nails"

Toni Henson Slade
"On Your Cross"

Coming to Praise His Name...

- April 25 -
BibleSongs, Vanessa Graves Foster
and Difference United

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